CAD Consultancy

Latest Solidworks and Autodesk packages

Using the latest packages of Solidworks and Autodesk we offer concept, design and manufacturing drawings as well as simulations and FEA. We have the ability to generate a full 3D model of sheet metal assemblies and weldment structures, in a virtual space, providing you the chance to visualise the design dimensions and look before creating a physical model. We work with you at every stage of the way to ensure the project is tailored to meet your exact requirements.


We use CAD/CAM software to enable us to design and model a product. We then break the model down into components and tooling with precise dimensions and material specifications.

The simple analogy: CAD (computer aided design) generates the model which is verified by CAE (computer aided engineering) and then input into CAM (computer aided manufacturing) which controls the machine tool. Using FEA and reverse engineering we have manufactured a wide range of products and machines for a variety of industries and applications.